Kokoii relax treatments have their origin in eastern meditation and beauty care. The active substance combination of the purely vegetable materials unfolds their complete effects during the recidence time in the skin. A special technique of massage from pressure, grope and rub, which is used only with the fingertips, provides for a optimized lymph stream and stimulates the cell renewal. Selbstheilungskräfte werden angeregt, die Festigkeit des Bindegewebes gestärkt und somit Falten reduziert.

The phyto estragons from soy, yams and olive oil increases demonstrable the cell breathing, the protein synthesis (regeneration) and an increase of the skin humidity in the epidermis and basal diaphragm. The synergetic interaction of the special vegetable substances, in connection with kokoii the treatment technology, provides for a tapering effect with a repairing effect.

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